Saturday, 27 February 2016

Fleur de Force for Eylure - Review

Let's me just start by saying. This post has been long overdue, I bought these so long ago, but never got around to sharing my love for them!

Around September time, Youtuber and Blogger Fleur de Force teamed up with Eyelure to create her owned range of eyelashes. Now being a big fan of Eyelure's eyelashes anyway and an even bigger fan or Fleur, (she's even more lovely in person!) I just knew that I had to try some of these right away. And I did, when I bought them about 3 months ago! But after having used them a couple of times already I dug them out for their third use the other day and knew I had to review them!

The range consists of 4 different styles; 'Fleur Loves' a three-quarter length lash with a similar look to my other favourite lashes - the Ardell Demi Wispies, 'Simply Fleur' a natural daytime lash, 'Fleur & Fabulous' a more evening bold pair and 'Couture Fleur' a set of individual lashes. Knowing I wouldn't wear a bold lash and never having got on with individual lashes, I picked up the first two.

As for 'Fleur Loves', the concept of these intrigued me. I could be wrong, but I feel like I've never seen 3/4 lashes before. I thought this way I wouldn't feel like I was ruining the shape of the lashes trying to cut them down to my eye shape. They would probably be already the perfect length, and they are! I've worn this pair less than the other I own, just because they are a little bit more obvious that you are wearing false eyelashes. However they are equally as beautiful.

'Simply Fleur' is a beautiful every day eyelash. I don't personally wear false eyelashes every day but I know some people do. With these I think I look to have very natural looking eyelashes, almost like my own but longer. These may also be the most comfortable eyelashes I've ever worn. I tried them for a whole day recently and I forgot that I had them on at one point. 

As I'm not the most experience false eyelash wearer I still find them quite difficult to put on but if you do need a tip - definitely wait around a minute for you glue to dry tacky before trying to place them on. I used to try straight away and wondered why they never stuck down!

Wearinig Fleur de Force for Eyelure in 'Simply Fleur'

Overall I'm definitely impressed with this range so far and think I may have to pick up the third pair after all, even if it is just for really fancy occasions! When I first purchased these I thought they were limited edition, but fortunately they're permanent in Eyelure's range so I can continue to repurchase my favourites. The prices range from £5.25 to £6.95 and are available at Boots and FeelUnique.



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