Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Life update: A new little sausage.

So just less than two months ago, a beautiful little doggy passed away and left a hole in our hearts. The house was so quiet, and after just a week we realised something had to be done. After ringing so many different breeders, we drove to Barnsley in search of a new friend. When we saw him we just couldn't say no to his little face.

Say hello to Frank the Miniature Dachshund. Also known as Frankie sausage or sege for short. I have wanted a little sausage dog for many a year now. I can guarantee every birthday or Christmas, the majority of my gifts are sausage dog related as everyone knows how much I love them. Now I have one of my own, or should I say Hutch and I have one of our own!

He is around 16 weeks old and he is stubborn, crazy and naughty. So it's a good job we love him so much. He loves kisses and food, but hates going out in the wind, rain or dark - so he of course loves it outside at the moment.. not! I still can't get over how big his diggers/paws are and his symmetrical little face. Our life has been basically been flipped upside down since he came around, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Actually I'd have preferred more sleep in the first couple of weeks but hey ho!

Welcome to the family Frank!

Libi xx

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